Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are answers to questions that frequently arise in The Tate. Note that these are summaries of information in the Declarations and Bylaws and other documents; in case of discrepancy, the language of these legal documents governs.

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Can my guests or I smoke in The Tate?

NO. The entire building, including all balconies, terraces, lobbies, garage, and dwelling units are non-smoking.

Can I decorate my door or elevator lobby?

The original bylaws dictate that no furniture, packages or objects of any kind shall be placed in the lobby areas, vestibules, common corridors, stairways, terrace garden, or any other part of the common spaces, unless specifically approved by the HOA Board.

What can I put on my terrace or balcony?

According to the bylaws, no storage of any kind shall be permitted on the balconies or terraces, except for the following specific items: outdoor propane or gas barbecue grills, patio furniture, and plants. Plants may be located on balconies or terraces, so long as these do not protrude from the balcony or terrace or overhang from the balcony or terrace railing.

What can I do if I am accidentally locked out of my unit?

If you are locked out of your unit, contact the Chair of the HOA Board of Directors or the chair of the Building Committee. Both have master keys and can unlock your door.

Do I need to use elevator pads anytime I move something to my unit?

Whenever you are moving any large items (appliances, large furniture, etc.), pads must be put up in the east elevator. Residents have the choice of putting them up and taking them down themselves or can arrange for BMC to install and remove the pads.

The pads are located in storage unit #13, accessible using your unit key. Pads should be put up just before the move and taken down immediately upon completion of the move, to avoid inconvenience to other residents.

If you opt to have BMC install and remove the pads, contact them directly ( A work order will be prepared and you will be charged; consult BMC for fees.