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Tate HOA Committees and Chairs


Art Committee: Locey Pfeifer

The role of the Committee is to support local artists by providing art exhibits in the Laurel Fisher Gallery.

Asset Acquisition: Don Doerr

The Asset Investment Committee oversees the Tate’s financial resources to ensure that there are adequate investments to properly fund the Replacement Reserve Fund.

Budget: Hallis

The operational budget for the coming year is determined early November and approved by the Board at the November meeting.

Building: David Kolb

The Building Committee monitors suggestions from residents and the Board of Directors regarding common-area components of the building, including the exterior, decks, lighting, elevators, hallways, stairwells, and doors.

Insurance: Carol Whipple

The Insurance Committee annually reviews the liability policy and the earthquake policy.

Landscape: Carolyn Kortge

The Landscape Committee is responsible for assuring that the ground level landscaping is maintained in a safe and attractive condition.

Reserve: John Fisher

Reviews and evaluates Schwindt and Company’s annual updates of The Tate Condominiums Owners’ Association Maintenance Plan Reserve Study in order to recommend timely adjustments to the Study in the form of an annual report to the Board of Directors.

Social: Mary O’Kief

The role of the committee is to organize and oversee events that involve all residents of the Tate.


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