Information for Tate Service Providers

Information for Service Providers

Contractors and service people who work on residential units at the Tate are asked to abide by certain norms.


Contractors and service people must park only in specified areas. Two-hour on-street parking is available on Olive Street and 14th Avenue. Please note the following important instructions:

  • DO NOT park in the area in front of the recycling room.
  • DO NOT park in the prohibited areas along the south border of the property (near blueberry garden).
  • DO NOT park in the commercial spaces allotted to the ground-floor commercial tenants.


At no time are doors to be propped open and unattended. Make sure outside access doors are locked behind you, even if for a moment.  If contractors will be working in your apartment for a prolonged time, they can be issued a proxcard that will give them access to specific doors during normal working hours.  To obtain a proxcard for your contractor(s), contact Doug Hintzman (410), Jim Nakadate (308), Joyce Owen (402), Lew Powell (507) or Jim Weston (606).  Be sure to return the proxcard to the person who issued it, when your job is completed.

No smoking

The Tate is a 100% no-smoking building, including all patios, terraces, hallways, lobby, and garage.


When moving furniture or other supplies using the elevator, please arrange with Bennett Management Company (BMC, 541-485-6991) to install the elevator pads to protect the walls, and fiber panels to protect the floor tiles. If extended exclusive use of an elevator is required for moving, it is possible to convert the operation of the elevator to “Service Mode” so that the door will remain open until you actually push the button to call a particular floor. Then the car will go to that floor, and the door will open and remain open until the operation is repeated. Please consult BMC personnel, or a member of the Tate Building Committee to use the elevator in Service Mode.

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Property Management By:

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