Monday Night Poker

There once was a Poker Master named Jim Nakadate. He lived in a community called “The Tate”. He looked around at his neighbors and realized they were missing out on one of the most enjoyable experiences in life – – Poker.

Master Jim recruited a small band of willing participants to compete in a bi-weekly game of Texas Hold ‘em. Also this way he didn’t have to drive to the Casino. He simply walked downstairs. He slowly educated them on the nuances of Poker and they soon wanted more. He gradually raised the stakes (so slowly they didn’t notice) and introduced them to a new and wonderful game – – Omaha!

Jim’s favorite phrase was, “What could possibly go wrong”. It was Jim’s tongue in cheek sardonic saying right before the River card. A saying that was so very appropriate. We can still see Master Jim grinning when he quoted this phrase.

Jim has passed, HOWEVER, his Poker Gang lives on and continues to muddle through without Jim. We meet the second and fourth Monday every month.

Rest in peace Jim Nakadate, you are remembered, missed and loved.

Your Pals in Poker

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