Laurel Fisher Gallery

February 16-April 3, 2024

Jeanne LaRae

Plein Air, Alla Prima, Studio Fine Artist
Instructor, Muralist, Illustrator  |  (714) 743-3622

Artist statement

Inspirational, Creative, Adventurer

I am an artist. I am enthralled with color, value, shapes, design, and I can;t seem to let things go by that capture my attention. My opportunities to paint alla prima and plein air are what I love most… They are loose and fresh, and they portray what I am most excited about with the view in front of me. I began to take a strong liking to landscape painting because of the daily need to show landscaping in my renderings. I escaped outside to paint landscapes and found my love for Plein Air painting.

Like a composer conducting a symphony, I am in the middle of it all, I get to orchestrate the bass cello creating the darks and the main shapes, then the violins leading the viewer throught the path of color with the final bells and frills of highlights and details making the light dance and the crescendo to fulfill my mission as I step back into the silence of my surroundings.

I was born into a family that enabled me to be who I am, as unique, true to myself, individual, creating my own path. Creative thinking was encouraged, and I decided at an early age to take a path leading to an art career.

Painting is my spiritual meditation as I am connecting to my subject through my soul using my acquired knowledge to guide me on my adventourous endeavors, always exploring and pusing myself for greater personal achievements.

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