Welcome to the Tate community!

The information that follows is intended to answer the questions new residents typically ask when moving in.

The Tate Homeowners Association

The Tate community is governed by an elected 5-member Board of Directors (BOD), which sets policy and manages the Association according to our Bylaws, Rules and Regulations. HOA Board meetings are held the third Thursday of the month, and owners may attend via Zoom or in person in the Laurel Fisher Gallery.  There are standing committees that assist with the ongoing activities of the community.


The safety and well-being of our residents is of utmost importance. The safety features of The Tate include a secure building access system, a main entry keypad, video monitoring and a secure parking entry system. When leaving the parking area wait until the portcullis and rolling gate have closed behind you before driving away.

No Smoking

The Tate is a non-smoking building and building site. This includes all units and balcony/patio areas, resident parking, communal terrace and gardens. In other words, you may not smoke cigarettes, cigars, pipes, marijuana or anything else on Tate grounds, including inside your apartment.

Companion animals

Companion animals are welcome. Dogs must be on leash or carried in all public areas.

Communal Spaces

Building areas open to all residents include the Laurel Fisher Gallery, which also serves as a meeting room,  a second-floor Outdoor Terrace with resident herb garden, and the North Garden on the ground floor.

Real Estate Information

Each Unit at The Tate is sold with one deeded parking space and one deeded, lockable storage unit. Three tax lots are associated with each Unit and should be recognized when applying for loans and/or settling taxes.

Renovation Projects

The BOD must be notified of all additions and/or modifications to a Unit before work begins. Because of the building’s post-tensioned concrete slab construction, all new penetration of the concrete slabs, including the cantilevered balcony slabs, must be restricted and any exception to this rule requires engineered specification. More detailed information is available in the Bylaws section 7.6. Also consult the Tate website at Governing Documents, Rules and Regulations. Owners are free to select interior paint colors within their unit without BOD approval.

Bennett Management Company

BMC is the management company for the condominium association. BMC is located at 980 Willamette St. Suite 200 in downtown Eugene. HOA assessments are based on unit square footage. Fees are paid directly to BMC.

Rental of Units

Owners who plan to lease their unit must provide the BOD with a copy of the lease agreement and the names and contact information of the renters.  In addition, the owner should give a copy of this information document to their renters.

Moving In

All moves must be scheduled one week in advance with Bennett Management Company (BMC). The day prior to the move, BMC will hang protective pads in the elevator. The day after the move the pads will be taken down by BMC. Please reade our complete move-in policies carefully.

Keys and Fobs

Your new keys include three gold keys (your front door, your patio door, and the trash room door), a small silver key to your mailbox, and a round fob which opens the main foyer door and seven other doors in the building. Smart phones can also used for entry through the outer doors. Members of the Tate Building Committee (TBC) can be of assistance if required. See the Tate website for TBC contact information. The separate, remote gate transmitter opens the rolling gate to the parking area and raises only the gate to the garage where your parking space is located. If you lose your fob or remote, contact BMC immediately.

Registering with The Tate Google Group

An easy way for residents to communicate with the community is through the Google Email Group. Contact Robert Davis at robertldavis@gmail.com to register your email address.

Wi-Fi and TV

The Tate HOA provides Internet access through Emerald and basic cable TV through Comcast/Xfinity. The cost is included in each unit’s monthly HOA fee. Detailed instructions for hook up are provided in the “Homeowners’ Guide” located on the Tate website. 

The Tate Website

To register as a user of the Tate website (https://thetateeugene.com), contact Robert Davis (robertldavis@gmail.com). The website provides access to Governing Documents, Resident Directory, Homeowners’ Guide, Board Meeting Minutes, and other essential information.


In addition to unit mailboxes, this room includes a bulletin board and a recycle bin for unwanted mail. Check the board for meetings and events to be held in the Laurel Fisher Gallery.


The Tate maintains Fire, Liability, Earthquake and Umbrella policies for the building. Residents must supplement the building insurance with policies for their personal property and injury liability and verify that they have this individual coverage for their units.

Updated 1 July 2024