Move-in policies

Co-ordination of move-in, move-in fees
[Effective December 2, 2009]

  1. All moves into a unit must be scheduled with Bennett Management Company (BMC) no less than one week in advance of the move. A date and time for the move must be established in order to permit BMC to arrange for the placement and removal of floor, elevator and wall protective coverings.
  2. All moves into a unit shall be assessed a $250 non-refundable move-in charge. This charge shall be included in the Unit owner’s next HOA dues statement.
  3. All moves out of a unit must follow the same protocol, i.e. one week’s notice to BMC so that the elevator and corridors will be protected, but there will be no additional charge.
  4. In, at any time, it becomes necessary to prop open an exterior door, a trusted individual must be stationed by the door to prevent unauthorized entry into the building. Otherwise, all exterior doors must be kept locked.